Minecraft: The Writer’s Block

This is a blog about Minecraft , and hence I figured “Writer’s block” would be a fitting title. In this blog, I will comment on, explain, mention and present any Minecraftian things I consider interesting.

Minecraft has continued to fascinate me for several years in a row, and even now, the game has not lost its pull.

I discovered Minecraft at the end of 2010, somewhere between October and December. Having been used to modern high-definition graphics, intricate GUIs and easily accessible tutorials, I found Minecraft both intriguing and almost repulsively simplistic in the beginning. However, I quickly began to relish in discovering new things about the game.

After a little while, I joined the German server “Brauhaus der Hoffnung“, which was and still is one of the largest German-speaking Minecraft communities, and home to a number of absolutely genius builders. In time, I became a staff member and participated in the planning, construction and management of several big creative maps – all of these maps can be downloaded here, by the way (there are live maps, too!). Almost all of my own creations had some Asian theme, like temples, pagodas and castles. Here’s some examples:

BdH Map 2



The last construction was uploaded on Planet Minecraft and can be downloaded there as a world save as well as a separate schematic. For the sixth iteration of the creative map, I had the honor of helping to design a whole Asia-themed continent:


After a while however, I grew disenfranchised with ornamental construction only, and started yearning for more functionality, for actual content, for mechanics that did things within the game. That was when I discovered the Technic Pack, and through it a whole new world of mods and machines.

I eventually started contributing to a Technic Pack wiki and eventually became one of the top contributors, until I was finally given admin status. I implemented crafting templates and a host of other things in the wiki, until the pack hit a hiatus that lasted well over a half a year in which no mods were updated. This was when the Feed The Beast pack started to get traction. I applied for a team position into the wiki team, and was promptly accepted. I started implementing a whole host of templates again, but issues in my private life forced me to cut back on Minecraft and community involvement.

After a little while, I found myself with some time on my hands again. Several mods had been updated, and it sometimes was difficult to find comprehensive information on the web since the mod wikis were often poorly maintained. This left some mods almost completely undocumented, which I found a bit annoying.

I created the page MC Mod Guides as a reference page, primarily for my own use, but also for the perusal of other users.

In the time since I have started playing Minecraft, I have been involved in a variety of communities and projects, and I figured – why not collect my thoughts in a blog?

Hence and therefore, I am placing a Writer’s Block.

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