How to copy a Minecraft instance from Twitch to MultiMC

This tutorial will show you how to copy a modified Minecraft instance from the Twitch/Curse client to MultiMC.

Now why would I want to do that, some may ask. I believe that there are a variety of reasons to play using MultiMC instead:

  • You simply don’t like the Twitch client and don’t need the streaming features
  • You want to play a modpack with the Steam Controller
  • You want to allocate different amounts of RAM to each of your Minecraft instances
  • You want easy access to your singleplayer worlds and world seeds
  • You want a better overview over your screenshots
  • You want to easily create and export your custom mod packs to give them to your friends
  • You want a better console to analyze Minecraft client crashes
  • Etc etc …

Sadly, simply copying an entire folder from Twitch to MultiMC won’t work. This guide will help you with that.

1) First, open your Twitch launcher, then pick and choose the Modpack you would like to copy over to MultiMC. We will be using the Regrowth pack as an example.

2) Click on the “Play” button of that instance, which will open the Minecraft Launcher.

3) Click on “Play” in the Minecraft launcher in order to have the client download all game assets. Once the game has properly started, exit it. In the Twitch launcher, click on the image icon of the modpack (“View Profile”) to see its details – we need to know the Minecraft version and Forge version later.

4) Leave this window open, then start MultiMC. Click the button at the top left to add a new instance.

5) In the menu that opens, you can click the icon (1) to set a different icon for your instance. Enter the desired name for the modpack in field (2), then click button (3) to choose the Minecraft version.

6) Choose the Minecraft version (1) that is identical with the version indicated on the modpack detail page in your Twitch client and confirm with OK (2).

7) Click on the new instance (1) you just created and launch it (2). This will download the requried game assets. Wait until the game finishes downloading all assets and close it once you are in the main menu.

8) Click on “Edit Instance” (1).

9) Click on the “Version” tab (1) in the window that opens.

10) Click on “Install Forge” (1).

11) Choose exactly the same Forge version as indicated on the Twitch modpack page. If you pick the wrong version, your game may not launch properly.

12) Launch the game from MultiMC, then close it again.

13) Go to your Twitch Client. Click on Button (1), then on “Open Folder” (2) to access the folder folder of the modpack.

14) Mark all files and subfolders in that directory and copy everything.

15) In MultiMC, select your instance and click on “Instance Folder” (1).

16) Open the “minecraft” folder in that directory and paste the previously copied files and folders in here. If you get an “overwrite” prompt, confirm that with “yes”.

17) In the MultiMC main window, leftclick your instance once, then click on “Edit Instance”. In the window that opens, click on “Settings” (1).

18) Check the box at “Memory” (2), then adjust the minimum and maximum memory allocation values (3). Most modpacks should run just fine with min-max values of 1024 – 4096 MB RAM, but your experience may vary. If loading takes unusually long, or if your game lags considerably, you may need to allocate more RAM in some cases.

And that’s it, you’re done! You can now launch the modpack from MultiMC. Have fun!


  1. Hey, I recognize you from the official wiki! 😀 I joined it far after you retired, although I’m currently arguably the most active editor. You should totally visit us some time.

    • Hey there, I have indeed been involved when the wiki was initially created. The FTB team recruited me (or rather, I recruited myself) from the Technic Pack wiki which I had been administrating until about early 2013. I eventually realized that I liked writing guides about mods and mod interactions more than documenting, hence this page 🙂

  2. Nice guide. I keep thinking I’d like to use MultiMC, but I find the easy “one click” behaviour of the twitch client too tempting… Would you be able to do a follow-up article explaining how to update an instance in MultiMC, keeping your game saves, etc intact? That’s the thing that really blocks me – setting up an instance is a one-off thing, but maintaining it is the real issue. In Twitch, it’s just “see a new release is available, click upgrade”.

    • Thanks for your comment!

      It is possible, with a bit of a trick: You can use symbolic links to link the Twitch instance folder of your modpack with the MultiMC instance folder of that same modpack. The modpack then “exists” in both folders at the same time. You can then run Twitch every now and then to keep the pack updated, but use MultiMC to launch it for playing. You can read the Reddit thread here to see how to set this up.

      I might update the tutorial at some later point to include this information.

  3. MultiDarkSamuses

    What about on a Linux system where access to the Twitch client is non-existent? How would I download the modpack and initialise it without access to the client?

  4. My one an only question would be how do I use this in the steam non-game section so that I can use a controller? Do I add the multimc launcher? or do I add whatever Minecraft launcher I’m using in the multimc?

    • It’s quite simple really: Add MultiMC via the “Add a Non-Steam Game to my Library” option and launch MultiMC through Steam, then choose and launch your Minecraft instance from MultiMC.

      This should enable you to use a controller – I use this to use my Steam Controller for Minecraft.

  5. I have a bit of a problem when following this guide. after pasting everything from my sky factory 3 directory into the instance folder, i loaded my minecraft to only have 3 mods loaded. the mods being “Minecraft Coder Pack”, “Forge Mod Loader”, and “Minecraft Forge”. any help?

  6. yes this is so cool

  7. at step 16 : Open the “minecraft” folder
    do you mean Open the “.minecraft” folder (notice the dot before minecraft) ?

  8. for other users : check your java version : jre-10 does’nt seem to work for us

    use jre1.8.0

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